The Future Of DevOps Processes & Open Source Tools

It is important for the developers to be on the lookout for tools that will enhance efficiency and productivity of the services. Take a look at some of the most reliable DevOps tools that are relevant, secure and useful.

1. Jenkins: It is a self-contained Java-based program, one that is ready to run out of the box with Windows, Mac OS X, and other Unix-like operating system. It offers continuous integration and continuous delivery throughout. It is an open source automation software.

2. Vagrant: With Vagrant, there is no complicated setup process; you just have to download and install within minutes on Mac OS X, Windows, or a popular distribution of Linux. Next, create a single file for projects that will describe the type of machine you want, the software you want to install, and how you want to access the machine, and then store the file with your project code. It features easy to use workflows and favours automation.

3. PagerDuty: PagerDuty is another DevOps tool that will help teams and businesses protect their brand reputation and customer experiences. Real time alerts, gaining visibility into critical systems and applications, and full stack visibility across dev and production environments are some of its key features.

4. Promotheus: Prometheus is another open-source service monitoring system and time series database, powers DevOps teams’ metrics and alerting. It has a flexible query language for slicing and dicing collected time series data to generate graphs, tables, and alerts.

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